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"The Trimorphs" is Book seven in the Ammonite Galaxy series, by Gillian Andrews.


Six and Grace are in grave danger, but the morphics can’t be reached.  They are far, far away in the Luzon Great Void.  It will be down to the next generation to travel into the void to get help.

But, even with the help of the canths, will they succeed in finding the morphics?

And will they be in time, or will they all be forced into a last, desperate, cataclysmic confrontation?



Here is the final cover:

trimorphs, final cover sized for webs



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Book Seven, The Trimorphs, the last book ... you are here!


One of the images which best represents this book, to me, is this one:


Ashuaia looking on



Here is the translation of an interview I did (at the beginning of 2015) with a local blogger about the end of the series:


#1  How does it feel, now that the whole series is finished?


Terrible!  I keep walking around the house feeling bereft.  It is an empty feeling, and rather than satisfaction that the thing is finally done, it seems – as if I have waved the characters off on a long journey.  I know I am going to miss them.

Of course, it has been a huge investment in time ... I have spent the last six years on this series, which is a very long time for one literary project.  Not quite as long as Tolkien, of course, but a substantial chunk of my own life.  But I wouldn’t change it, wouldn’t go back.  Even though there have been mistakes and disasters along the way, it would have been impossible to do the whole thing myself without that.  It has been a HUGE learning curve for me ... and not only in writing.  I did absolutely everything myself, which was a bit of an overreach.  Formatting, copy reading, covers, proofing, correcting, marketing (badly!), researching, checking, recording ... the list is endless.


#2  What are you going to do now?


Good question!  I needed to have a bit of a break, but that has never really materialized.  I am still working on all the nitty-gritty details of the last book.  For example, it takes me over a month to record just the Podiobook episodes!

I left a tiny loose end in the last book (I couldn't bring myself to sever all ties completely!), and I am vaguely planning a new book or books, which, if they ever come to life, will be called the Orthomancer Chronicles.  This would tie in, albeit extremely distantly, with the Ammonite Galaxy series. 

The trouble with writing, I find, is not a case of being happy if you are doing it, rather of being unhappy if you are not.  We shall see.


#3  Are you happy with the acceptation of the series?


No!  Of course not!  I don’t think any writer is truly happy until they have made a bucketful of money, which I haven’t ... at least, not yet!  I am pleased with the acceptation it has had, but there is a LOT of room for improvement.  On the other hand, I never wrote for fame and fortune (happily).  I just wrote because something inside me told me I had to.  From that point of view, the results have far outweighed my expectations.


#4 What advice would you give to a new writer?

Don’t expect other people to share your passion.  They won’t.  Writing is a lonely pastime, and it can be very depressing.  It has to be enough that YOU are happy with the words you have written.  It is no good wanting validation – in my experience that just doesn’t happen.  Do NOT sit around checking your sales every day.  Therein lies madness!  Put a mental red line through the book, open a new blank page, and get started on the next one.  This has two advantages ... firstly you are busy doing something else, and have no time to sink into that deep black mental hole which accompanies few sales, and secondly you are putting more work out there, getting more vegetables in the pot.  The stew will be that much richer.  Good luck!


#5 Is there a good age to write?


There is a good age not to write.  That is from the birth of your children until they are about fourteen or fifteen, possibly even more.  I found it totally impossible to get one thing down on paper then.  In fact, I didn’t come back to writing until my younger son was sixteen.

I think it is rather more difficult for women than for men.  Men are rarely as involved in the day-to-day children experience.  It is very hard for a harassed mum to find the time or the energy to write. I think it may be better just to put writing on a back burner and enjoy being a parent for the duration! Having a family is so fulfilling that there may not be much room for anything else during that time anyway.


#6 Would you recommend your way of life?


Not really, no.  It is a bit too solitary.  I spend a lot of time in my little office downstairs, and a week has been known to go past between outings, even to the shops.  That is not a healthy way to live.  But I came to this series after many years of non-writing and knew it would take a lot of dedication to get it done.  You have to really put your head down and pull.  My series is of a similar length to the bible ... that takes some time to write!




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