The end of an era

I wrote the ending to the Trimorphs, and was immediately taken over by a huge sadness. It was overwhelming. I had no idea just how invested I had become in the Ammonite Galaxy, and its characters.

But, of course, it had to come to an end. And I was pleased, at the same time. It feels right, to me. It feels as if it went where it had to go, did what it had to do.


I shall miss them all.


The Namuri chant, which opens The Namura Stone, seems appropriate here:


There are elements inside your body
That survived a supernova.
And atoms within you
Which have lived since time began.
Be proud, Namuri;
You are unbounded.
Walk tall; hold your head up to the sky.
Be humble, Namuri;
You are unbounded.
Think of what will endure.


I think that sums up something I feel very strongly. I hope the Ammonite Galaxy endures, too. But that is beyond my control.

It is done. I am pleased to be able to say that.

One of the morphics perhaps